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Winter time

A wonderful skiing-area is waiting for you. The slopes and paths are always in a very good condition. The paths will lead you through a snow-covered and lonely landscape: is there anything else you need for a healthy and relaxing winter holiday?


Between trail and "Jagertee" or "From bed to the trail"

The altitude of 800 m above sea level. It is due to the fact that the snow in the "forest" falls very early, (usually already in November), remains long (until April) and as cross-country snow is hard to beat.

Both for ski hikers and for sporty endurance trail lovers, we offer a 80 km long, well-groomed trail network  With connection to the Bayerwaldloipe you will find a true cross-country paradise, right on our doorstep. A beautiful ski area awaits you.


Ski resorts in the area:

Skizentrum Mitterdorf 10 Lifte 6 km
Arber 10 Lifte 10 km
Waldhäuser 3 Lifte 1 km
Reichenberg 1 Lift
Geißkopf 6 Lifte 8 km

Cross-country skiing centers in the area

Langlaufzentrum Sankt Oswald-Riedlhütte

Langlaufzentrum Mauth-Finsterau

Langlauf-Loipen in Neuschönau

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