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Our theme rooms

We have already converted more than half of our 18 rooms into lovingly furnished theme rooms. Themes that are of course typical for the Bavarian Forest National Park and Bavaria

Flower room


From this single room you have view on the mountains Rachel and Lusen and in the winter on the illuminated night trail.

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Bear room

Harmonious the game of colors - in yellow and green you sleep between the bears of the national park. A double room with living area

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mushrooms room

There are 1900 species alone in the national park between Falkenstein and Lusen, a doubleroom with living area

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King Ludwig

can it be a bit romantic? In noble white, red and gold tones, this spacious double room with living area presents ...

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Herb room

Herbs enrich our kitchen in a wonderful way: Their essential oils bring scent, freshness and spice to our food and make them wonderfully varied. A single room in the 1st floor

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Sun room

in the cheerful colors of the sun this double room with south-facing balcony shines

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During the day you walk in the Klosterfilz, a beautiful moor,  during the night you sleep in the Klosterfilz-room

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Leaves room

In the colors of the foliage, this double room with living area presents itself.

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 Forest spirit room (in German "Waldschratzl")

Waldschratzl room, which is kept in the colors of the forest, promises a colorful holiday in a double room with living area

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Star room

Take time to dream
it is the way to the stars

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four-seasons romm

The Bavarian Forest is worth a trip in every season. Spring, summer, autumn and winter

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Poacher room

A double room, not just for hunters and poachers

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Durandlsuite "Glasfactory spirit"

Pleasant dreams in our legendary realm, the Durandlsuite ...

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Glass blower Suite

Located at the top under the roof on the 3rd floor, mansard with plenty of space and free space for the thoughts

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Make your room request at the time of booking. Possibly. the room is still free.

DurandlBaerenzimmer Schlafraum